Water Works

Water Works is an educational 3D game for Android Tablet and iPad produced for Mudvark Games. The title was developed in Unity 3D and was in production for around 7 months. I undertook all programming on the game, working alongside Mudvark’s in-house designers and artists.

The game is aimed at 12-14 year old kids, designed to enrich an educational program teaching earth sciences. It will begin being sold into schools alongside a number of other titles in the coming year.


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ww-3 ww-4

The game is a real time strategy where the player is tasked with maintaining the water supply of their town/s in an ever changing environment. Water needs to be filtered before being fed into a town, and the soiled water disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Players must ensure they have sufficient water pumps in place to get the water where it needs to go and adapt their systems in varying weather to protect their towns and buildings from flooding and other environmental damage.

Alongside the core game development, there was also a requirement for integration with back-end services so as to allow students using the software to log in, and their usage / game progress to be tracked.

The majority of my work on Water Works was done remotely. I spent a week in-house with the Mudvark team during the start of the project in order to get an initial prototype up and running. Following this we had monthly meetings in-person so as to ensure all was on track and discuss any design changes.