The Ories

The Ories: Super Space Monsters is my most recent independently produced title, launched in March 2013. It is a freemium game, created using Unity 3D. I undertook all the programming, working alongside freelance artist Mike Kirby.

The player is tasked with traversing their alien Orbling through each level while collecting gems. The catch? The only way they can control their direction is by sling-shotting themselves around planets. Using their handy tractor beam, players must make their way through each of the 36 levels without crashing. Collecting gems allows players to unlock a range of both functional and aesthetic upgrades for their Orblings.

The-Ories-iphone-Gameplay-powers The-Ories-iphone-costumes

The-Ories-iphone-Gameplay-Spooky The-Ories-iphone-Gameplay-Firebird

The game was developed over a period of 18 months in and around other client commitments.

It is monetised through both interstitial adverts as well as in app purchases whereby users can purchase ‘SP Packs’, which can be used to buy a wide range of in game items.

The game also features Game Centre integration, Flurry Analytics, a custom back-end server setup to allow for control of item pricing without the need for submission of an update, Playhaven advertising, social sharing via Facebook and Twitter, as well as turn-based multiplayer. The game was additionally localised into Simplified Chinese, Japanese, French and Spanish.


Upon launch the game was featured heavily by Apple on the front of iTunes, to date has recorded over 2,500,000 sessions and maintains a consistent 4.5 – 5 star user score in the majority of territories.


We also produced some plush toys for the game… And we sent one into space because, well, why not?