The Rocky Horror Show

Rocky Horror Show: Beat Off is a prototype 3D mobile game, produced in Unity and based on the Rocky Horror Stage Show Licence. The game takes the form of a rhythm action dance title in which the user must ‘swipe’ in time to the music in order to create a dance routine for the Riff Raff character.

Swiping in different directions causes the character to perform a different dance move. The player is scored based on the timing of their swipes. Get it in time and the move is performed successfully, but miss-time the swipe and the character may stumble or even fall over!

Players can also activate a special move by clicking on a background ‘token’ which once pressed activates a quick time event (drawing out a shape). If successful then the character will perform a special dance move.

The prototype features Everyplay integration; allowing users to share a video of their dance routine with their friends on social media and was build as a proof of concept demo from which to raise finance for full development.

I produced all code relating to the project, working alongside the designer, freelance animators and UI artists.