The REALSafe application I developed for REALRIDER is a GPS motorbike tracking tool which will detect if a rider crashes. The app is tied directly into the UK ambulance services and immediately notifies emergency services of the rider’s location upon detecting a crash. Users can additionally use the app to share their favourite routes and notify the community of dangerous roads, potholes and hazards.

I did all development work on the client application for both iOS and Android, working alongside the teams back-end developers to tie it into their API.

The initial application was developed over the course of around 6 months, though not on a full-time basis.

Upon release the REALRIDER app was featured on BBC Click (below) and has gone on to win the BT Business Awards, countless Road Safety awards and is an Edison Award finalist.

Licences have since gone on to be bought in bulk by manufacturers including BMW; to be provided free with all their UK bike sales.