John Lewis Christmas Campaign

Monty’s Christmas is a virtual reality experience, produced for John Lewis to go alongside their christmas advertising campaign with narration from Dermot O’Leary. I worked in-house with client Stink Digital on the project. It was produced in Unity3D and utilised Google Cardboard to holster a Google Nexus, which in tern produced the stereoscopic 3D rendering.

Stink were already in development of a WebGL version of the project ahead of my involvement for use on websites and I was responsible for porting it over to mobile devices for use as part of the in-store virtual reality experience.



john_lewis_5 john_lewis_4 john_lewis_3 john_lewis_2

The WebGL version of the game pulled it’s data from JSON. The majority of my task therefore was therefore to write a custom Unity Editor Script in order to import this data and convert the existing JSON sprite, animation, behaviour and positional data into a Unity Scene format and set of scripts, which could then in-turn be exported onto the required platforms. As well as integrating the necessary stereoscopic rendering implementation and head tracking.

The Unity port of the project I worked on in-house for 4 weeks. The app was shown in 42 John Lewis stores around the UK in December 2014, during which time it was enjoyed by thousands of the stores customers over the christmas period.