John Lewis Christmas Campaign

The Man On The Moon is a mobile application incorporating both a game and AR experience, produced for John Lewis to go alongside their christmas advertising campaign. I worked in-house with client Stink Digital as lead developer on the project. It was produced in Unity3D and utilised vuforia for implementation of the AR aspects of the app.

I was responsible for the full coding of the game portion of the project, as well working alongside and overseeing another developer on the development of the AR portion of the project.



The game was developed over the course of 3 months, with around half the development being undertaken on-site at Stink Digitals offices in London, and half done remotely. In the game the player must tap the screen to blow gusts of wind at at an object, with the aim of eventually reaching the moon. New items gradually get unlocked as the user attains a greater high score.

The AR portion of the app tied in with promotional materials surrounding the campaign and allowed a new fact to be learned about the moon each day by pointing your phone camera at the illustration of the moon on John Lewis shopping bags and posters.

The app in the run up to christmas broke into the top-50 overall apps on iTunes, and currently holds a 5 star user rating.