Crazy Island Golf

Crazy Island Golf is a game I produced entirely independently, including all code and in-game artwork (aside from a few 3D models purchased from the Unity Asset Store). It was built in Unity3D and is available on iOS and Mac. The game was released alongside The Ories with the intention of using it to cross-promote users onto that title.

In total the game development for Crazy Island Golf was 3 months, the majority being level design and testing.


cig-2 cig-3
cig-4 cig-5

The gameplay is relatively simple; the user swipes across the screen to rotate the camera and line up their shot. Once happy they then hold down the shoot button in order to apply power to the ball. They are given a limited number of shots on each level and must complete it within the required par in order to progress to the next.

In total the game has 32 levels, varying from the very simple to loop-the-loops with animated course segments. Alongside the full version, I also developed a light version containing the first 7 levels and monetized using Playhaven advertising interstitials.