I'm Adam - an experienced freelance games and application developer, based in Middlesbrough, UK. I work with a wide range of clients, from small start-up's to Sony.

I specialise predominantly in Unity3D development and programming, having used the engine since it's initial release in 2005. I am proficient working in both C# and Javascript, across multiple areas of development from AI and networking to pure gameplay programming. I also have experience in development of back-end systems; utilising PHP/MySQL, as well as Native iOS Development using Swift.

I'm available to work remotely or in-house anywhere in the UK, and can take on anything from a full project to simply supporting your existing team with some additional development capacity.

Should you require artwork, I maintain a strong network of talented local designers and artists who can be utilised depending on your needs.

Outside of development work, I also regularly talk at conferences and schools on topics surrounding game development and entrepreneurship, help in a due diligence capacity for several investors and venture capitalists, and sit on the advisory board of Atlanta based game studio Ker-Chunk games, helping the team with raising finance and monetization of their titles. I am founder and CTO of VC backed startup "Orca Mobile", producing a location-aware social networking app and I formerly ran VC-backed iOS promotion company Daily App Dream before exiting this company through acquisition by EARI in November 2012.

Want to discuss a project or get in touch? Email me at adamgreen@assyria-adam.com.

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