I'm Adam - an experienced freelance games and application developer, based in Middlesbrough, UK. I work with a wide range of clients, from small start-up's to Sony.

I specialise predominantly in Unity3D development and programming, having used the engine since it's initial release in 2005. I am proficient working in both C# and Javascript, across multiple areas of development from AI and networking to pure gameplay programming. I also have experience in development of back-end systems; utilising PHP/MySQL, as well as Native iOS Development using Swift.

I'm available to work remotely or in-house anywhere in the UK, and can take on anything from a full project to simply supporting your existing team with some additional development capacity.

Should you require artwork, I maintain a strong network of talented local designers and artists who can be utilised depending on your needs.

Outside of development work, I also regularly talk at conferences and schools on topics surrounding game development and entrepreneurship, help in a due diligence capacity for several investors and venture capitalists, and sit on the advisory board of Atlanta based game studio Ker-Chunk games, helping the team with raising finance and monetization of their titles. I am founder and CTO of VC backed startup "Orca Mobile", producing a location-aware social networking app and I formerly ran VC-backed iOS promotion company Daily App Dream before exiting this company through acquisition by EARI in November 2012.

Want to discuss a project or get in touch? Email me at adamgreen@assyria-adam.com.

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Some of my past work

Below are case studies highlighting some of the projects I've worked on both independently and for clients. More in-depth details about all my recent projects can be found in the portfolio section.


Mudvark Games

I worked with Mudvark games on their recent title Water Works. I undertook all programming tasks, working alongside their in-house artists and designers. The game was built in Unity3D and is aimed at 12-14 years old kids, designed to enrich an educational program teaching Earth Sciences.

The game is fundamentally a real time strategy; players must tie up the water system to their town, ensuring water is cleaned and dirty water disposed of efficiently in order to keep the towns inhabitants happy. The title was developed for both Android tablets and iPad, to be launched within schools in the coming months.

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The REALSafe application I developed for REALRIDER is a GPS motorbike tracking tool which will detect if a rider crashes their bike. The app is tied directly into the UK ambulance services and immediately notifies emergency services of the rider’s location upon detecting a crash. Users can additionally use the app to share their favourite routes and notify the community of dangerous roads, potholes and hazards.

The application upon release was featured on BBC Click. Licences for the app have since gone on to be bought in bulk by manufacturers including BMW in order to be provided on mass with all their UK bike sales.

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The Ories

The Ories: Super Space Monsters is the most recent title I worked on independently. It is a freemium game, produced in Unity 3D. I undertook all the programming, working alongside local freelance artist Mike Kirby.

Outside of core gameplay, the game also features Game Centre integration, Flurry Analytics, a custom back-end server setup to allow for control of item pricing without the need for submission of an update, Playhaven advertising, social sharing via Facebook and Twitter, as well as turn-based multiplayer. The game was additionally localised into Simplified Chinese, Japanese, French and Spanish.

To date the game has over 2,500,000 registered sessions, was featured on the main banner of of the Apple App Store upon launch and maintains a consistent 4.5/5 user rating in the majority of territories.

More About This Project

  • “Adam is an exceptionally talented and enthusiastic developer. He led the Unity development on our ‘Monty’s Christmas’ project for John Lewis, and was always eager to help out on other projects and R&D.

    Arpad RayTechnical Lead at Stink Digital
  • “Adam was a fantastic addition to our team for his short stay at nDreams because he brought solid experience of Unity, VR, and UI development. He jumped into a mobile VR project mid cycle, made great progress, and then jumped onto another mobile VR project which was also mid cycle and did some amazing work with UI there too!

    Richard FabianCode Manager at nDreams
  • “Adam was a delight to work with from the early design stages to the final development processes of the game. Demonstrating a fine-tuned skill set and deep coding knowledge, Adam was able to tackle any problem that arose and communicate complex issues to the team in simple terms.

    I definitely recommend Adam and would work with him again.”

    Dan Da RochaCEO at Mudvark Games
  • “I have known Adam for several years as an industry colleague, I also hired him once to support production on an iOS title we were making at Sumo Digital to which he provided great insight, data driven assessment and creative flare.

    Adam is always an interesting person to spend time with, he is a natural connector who is smart, astute in business matters and has a good pulse on industry trends as well as having creative and technical ability to offer. Adam is the kind of guy you just want to work with – for all of the reasons above combined – I look forward to working with Adam again in the future.”

    Craig DuncanStudio Director at Rare
  • “Adam is a rare talent who always delivers projects to an extremely high standard.

    He uses his own initiative and always goes the extra mile to provide exceptional service and support as well as offering advice and creative solutions.”

    Romana RamzanCEO at Squish Studios
  • “I was first introduced to Adam Green in December 2010 during the very early stages of our technology start-up REALRIDER®. It quickly became apparent that Adam could have a significant impact on our efforts to get the business off the ground.

    Adam was open and likeable from the get-go, his technical knowledge and problem solving abilities were demonstrated within the first 20 minutes of our meeting. You could just tell he had an appetite for turning project challenges into deliverables as if it was part of his daily routine.

    During the search for investment, Adam introduced us to a North East investor who eventually become pivotal in driving the business forward as an investor and as our Chairman.

    Adam was instrumental in helping us realise the technology that would power REALsafe®, a feature of the REALRIDER® Smartphone App, which became the only system to be plumbed into the UK’s NHS Ambulance Control Room Network.

    I worked closely with Adam during the App’s construction and delivery phase. He worked tirelessly throughout the process and I learnt a lot about a whole range of technology that I’m forever grateful for – you just can’t get that stuff from the internet!

    It’s hard to summarise in a short reference the impact Adam has had on me and my colleagues at REALRIDER®. He’s a true professional, can always be relied upon and just a really good guy – there isn’t many like him around!

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Adam. I hope very much to have an opportunity to work with him again and I continue to watch his work with great interest.”

    Andrew RichardsonCommercial Director at REALRIDER Ltd
  • “Because of his expertise in the field, we have added Adam as an advisor to our company, Ker-Chunk Games, which was recently incorporated in February 2014.

    Adam is an expert in mobile development from raising funds for new intellectual properties, developing go-to-market strategies that generate return, connecting developers with publishers, and recommending features popular to the market sector that we target.”

    Molly ProffittCEO at Ker-Chunk Games
  • “Adam is a highly motivated and extremely capable person with a clear focus on delivery and creating quality work. I would happily recommend Adam and his company without reservation.”

    Dave SharpFounder at Binary Asylum

My Portfolio

Below are some of my more recent bits of work. Click on any of the images below to see more information about a given project.

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  • Apps
  • Games
  • Orca App – Be More Social
  • John Lewis – Christmas Campaign (2015)
  • The Ories: Super Space Monsters! (iOS)
  • John Lewis – Christmas Campaign (2014)
  • Water Works (iOS / Android)
  • Rocky Horror Show Beat Off (iOS)
  • Crazy Island Golf (iOS / Mac)
  • Preloaded
  • REALRIDER (iOS / Android)
  • Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (iOS)


My prices are open to negotiation, and may be reduced for long-term contracts, repeat clients, or if I just really like a particular project. Costs below can however be considered standard rate-card. I am open to further equity based advisory roles in regards to Business Development support. Prices below are excluding VAT (where applicable) and exclude any incurred expenses pertaining to the undertaking of in-house development work*

Back-End Development

£450 / $650Per day
  • PHP and MySQL back-end development
  • Custom, cross-platform push notification setups
  • Install tracking for use in mobile advertising analytics
  • Admin panels to cater for modification of in-game item pricing
  • Custom turn-based multiplayer implementations
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Unity Development

£375 / $550Per day
  • Development in C# and UnityScript / Javascript
  • 2D or 3D games / apps, across a range of platforms
  • AI, Networking, GUI, Shaders, Gameplay Coding
  • Thiry-Party services integration including
    Photon Multiplayer, Game Centre, Social Sharing,
    Prime31 Plugins, Advertising Banners, EZGUI and more
  • Porting of games / apps to other platforms
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Business Development

£450 / $650Per day
  • Writing and proof reading of business plans
  • Support on game monetization
  • Introductions to publishers / investors / press
  • Support getting businesses investment ready / accessing finance
  • Support on pitch preparation
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